Rosacea Review - Newsletter of the National Rosacea SocietyRosacea Review - Newsletter of the National Rosacea Society

Tips for Re-entering Society with Rosacea

As COVID-19 vaccination rates rise in the U.S. and the restrictions and mandates of the past year are lifted, returning to socializing as we knew it prior to the global pandemic may seem overwhelming. Rosacea, which for many patients may be triggered by stress or anxiety, may make finding a new normal even more challenging. Here are a few tips for avoiding flare-ups as you re-enter society:

Take it slow. It could be tempting to go from minimal in-person social contact to a busy calendar of events, but it might be too much for your skin. Start slowly, with just one or two events a week.

Try to relax. Try to maintain some of the hobbies and practices that helped you deal with stress during the pandemic, and remember to take time to relax.

Remember that flare-ups are a part of life. A study reported in the spring 2021 Rosacea Review conducted during the pandemic found that prolonged mask-wearing does cause rosacea symptoms to worsen. If you’re still experiencing an increase in flare-ups and heightened skin sensitivity, remember that this is a common experience and you are not alone.

Talk about your skin. If you hear a comment or find your face is the object of unwanted attention, try not to respond emotionally. Instead, use it as an opportunity to educate. Taking the initiative to inform others about the disorder can help put them and yourself at ease.

Maintain your routine. Don’t get off track with treatment and skin care, and remember to watch out for potential triggers.