Rosacea Review - Newsletter of the National Rosacea SocietyRosacea Review - Newsletter of the National Rosacea Society

Q&A: Rosacea on Lips & What is Granulomatous Rosacea?

Q. Can rosacea be on the lips as well? If so, what can be done to treat them?

A. There have been no reports in the medical literature of rosacea on the lips, although the bumps and pimples of rosacea may appear around the mouth. This can be treated with standard therapy for rosacea.

Another common disorder called perioral dermatitis may also occur around the mouth, and is associated with small bumps, as well as scaling and peeling. This condition can often be effectively controlled with appropriate treatment.

As always, the best course is to seek professional diagnosis and appropriate therapy for your individual condition.

Q. What is granulomatous rosacea and how is it treated?

A. Granulomatous rosacea is considered a variant of rosacea, and is characterized by hard yellow, brown or red bumps or nodules, which typically are on the face but may appear anywhere. It can be severe and lead to scarring and may appear without other obvious signs of rosacea. This condition is relatively rare, and may require special treatment.

Various antibiotics and other therapies may be effective. A dermatologist will be best able to select appropriate therapy for each case.