Rosacea Review - Newsletter of the National Rosacea SocietyRosacea Review - Newsletter of the National Rosacea Society

Right Combination of Therapy Keeps Rosacea at Bay

J. Peter Brinker Uys is eager to talk of his success managing his rosacea, but he quickly acknowledges his doctor's role in the story. The 56-year-old investment portfolio manager from Atlanta credits his dermatologist with helping him to find the right combination of products to keep his condition under control.

"I have seen dermatologists since I was 13 and had a severe case of acne," he explained. "When I was about 40, I was diagnosed with rosacea, and over time the acne became less prominent and the rosacea more prominent."

For years, Peter said he tried a variety of products while under the care of several different doctors but had little success getting rid of the redness around his mouth and on his cheeks and chin. His current dermatologist, whom he began seeing about four years ago, was the first to make a difference, he said.

"He started experimenting with different kinds of treatments," Peter said. The combination that worked in his individual case was a prescription facial wash along with topical therapy for rosacea. In addition, Peter takes a supplement each day for his eyes on the advice of a longtime friend who is an ophthalmologist. "With these things together, I pretty much don't have any signs of rosacea," he said.

After reading material provided by the National Rosacea Society, Peter said he also realized the importance of monitoring his diet and lifestyle. He said eliminating hot coffee and alcohol from his diet was a big help, although he has determined he can drink half a glass of red wine without triggering a flare-up.

Through trial and error, Peter found that oregano and basil sometimes aggravated his rosacea, but other spices seemed to have no effect. He also began showering and washing his face in lukewarm water.

"The signs of rosacea used to be a real embarrassment for me," Peter said. "But now my skin is in great shape."