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Skin Care Routine May Aid Long-Term Therapy

Complying with long-term medical therapy may appear to be a demanding commitment. However, many rosacea patients have found that incorporating topical therapy into a twice-daily facial care routine is a painless and efficient way to comply with doctor's orders.1 In fact, the soothing regimen necessary to avoid irritating the facial skin or causing flushing can be a refuge of calm during a busy day.

Rosacea sufferers should avoid rough washcloths and tugging or pulling at the skin. Instead, a gentle cleanser that is not grainy or abrasive should be spread with the fingertips. Lukewarm water should be used to rinse, and a thick cotton towel may blot the face dry.

Topical medication may follow after 30 minutes, or when the face is thoroughly dry. Then, after an additional five to 10 minutes, a water-based moisturizer may be used. A green-tinted prefoundation, followed by a skin-tone foundation that offers moderate to heavy coverage, may be helpful to camouflage redness or blemishes.

Also, avoid skin-care products with ingredients that may sting or irritate the facial skin, such as alcohol, menthol, peppermint, eucalyptus oil, clove oil, witch hazel or certain fragrances.


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