Rosacea Review - Newsletter of the National Rosacea SocietyRosacea Review - Newsletter of the National Rosacea Society

Tips for Exercise

Exercise is a necessary part of a healthy lifestyle. But for many rosacea sufferers, flushing from exercise may pose a special challenge if it causes their condition to flare up.

In most cases, precautions or moderation will let you get the exercise you need to remain fit, while minimizing your chances of a flare-up. Here are suggestions on how to proceed with your workout:

  • You don't need a high-intensity workout to reap the benefits of exercise. Choose a low-intensity workout -- it's just as beneficial.

  • Instead of exercising all at once, try breaking up your routine into shorter intervals. For example, exercise for 15 minutes, three times a day. Recent studies indicate what's important is the amount of exercise you get in the course of a day, not how continuous it is.

  • For outdoor exercise during warm weather, avoid midday when it's hottest. Exercise in the early morning or evening. And always protect your skin from the sun.

  • When exercising indoors, make sure the room is well ventilated, not too warm or stuffy.

  • Try draping a cool, damp towel around your neck, chewing on ice chips, or carrying a water bottle to keep your body temperature down during exercise. You can also use a spray bottle filled with cool water to spray your face.

The main point to remember: don't become overheated. This can cause flushing, and in turn, trigger a rosacea flare-up.